RNEST Endurance . Earnest [ ur-nist ]

- serious and zealous in intention, purpose, or effort:an earnest worker.

- showing depth and sincerity of feeling:earnest words; an earnest entreaty.


RNEST Endurance is run by us: Jordan Bryden, Devon Thurlow and our dog Rupert (Chief of Moral Support) from our home in Canmore, Alberta.

RNEST was created from our desire for quality casual apparel that endurance athletes can wear day-to-day. Think… “how do I subtly say I am an endurance athlete… without actually saying it…”   

To tell you a bit about us… Jordan is a professional triathlete – competing primarily in Iron and Ultra distances. Jordan was first introduced to the sport of triathlon at the age of nine and grew up in a very active family that regularly spent time hiking in the mountains, water skiing, and rock climbing. Along with competing as a professional triathlete, Jordan also works as a photographer, designer, and event director and has more than 25 years in the endurance/triathlon industry.  

Dev has a corporate gig, which she views as her rest time between cycling, running and adventuring with Roo. Dev found her love for cycling after she was coerced into participating in the Ride 2 Conquer Cancer back in 2015.

Rupert (“Roo” for short) is a Golden Doodle that enjoys long walks through the mountains, “swimming” in anything from mud puddles to glacial lakes and excessive napping.

Together we have made our home in Canmore, Alberta.. the “official” founding place of RNEST Endurance.

We hope you enjoy our light-hearted endurance sport inspired apparel!

RNEST is proud to bring a selection of simple, comfortable, casual designs to cyclists and triathletes.

We are proud to offer Socially Conscious. Sweatshop Free. Sustainable.  100% Canadian Apparel.  

Competition is plentiful in the apparel industry and the pressures to outsource production to Asia runs rampant. However, we believe in the ethics of fair labour and the quality of our product. We are happy to bring sweatshop free 100% Canadian apparel and accessories to cyclists, triathletes and endurance athletes.

All our apparel products are designed, knit, dyed, cut, sewn, and printed on Canadian soil!